The Stirring Church has been partnering with local churches and families affected by the North Bay Fires. As a church, we have adopted 10 families. There are two ways you can help us support and bring relief to families that are currently going through an immense loss.



The Stirring will distribute funds directly to families.


Here are the families you are supporting



Family with five children (3-17 y/o). They lost everything in the fire: their home, 2 birds, and their van. They were able to escape together in one car as the flames were approaching the house. They need basic needs covered and school supplies.


Family with 2 children (9 and 11) helped start Royal Family Kids in Sonoma County and continue to lead in RFK Programs. They managed to get out of their home quickly and grab some items of importance to the RFK ministries rather than their own personal items. The kids were able to leave with their school things and instruments. 

He is the head of AFS - a foster care program that places kids in temporary homes while trying to reunite them with family in a safe way. He has ONLY thought about ‘his families’ that have been displaced, and truly has put his own needs to the side as he cares for them. His heart is devoted to foster kids. She has a phD and is very quiet, but has mad administration skills. she is also a very good cook.

VEGA Family

Family with a young daughter (8 y/o). They lost their home and just about all of their personal belongings, aside from what they could quickly get packed before they evacuated. Importantly they lost a car that was uninsured. They have the specific need of a commuter car as soon as possible. They are currently trying to find a 2 bedroom apartment. This family had been preparing to open their home to foster kids. They were in the process of being cleared and had moved back in with Heather’s parents where there was room for them to foster at least 2 more kids. David is an artist. This family will be staying out at Alliance Redwoods until they can find a permanent place to live. 

DAVY Family

She is a single middle aged woman who is the definition of a servant. She attends sports events of everyone else’s kids, brings meals to people, surprises kids with gifts, and hosts MANY people in her home. She was just cleared to be a foster parent and was looking forward to loving on kids in her home right across from Coffey park. In addition to losing her home, she lost her mom 3 days later. She is part of a large family who is very close, but none live in the area. She will be living in a bedroom with another family in Santa Rosa. 

BOX Family

Newly wed couple that got married in August 2017, they lost their home and all their wedding gifts. Newly wed couple that got married in August 2017, they lost their home and all their wedding gifts. They had just repainted their little apartment on the Box’s property and were excited about inviting people over to see it. They have a kitten. He is the youth pastor at the Bridge and She has been working alongside him. They will be staying at Alliance Redwoods until further plans are made. 

HAWK Family

Family with 4 boys. Lost everything. This family was renting and did not have renters insurance. They homeschool their boys (ages around 5-13 y/o) and are hoping to stay close to family. Her sister (the Hall Family) also has 4 children and the two families love to spend time together. 

HALL Family

Family with 4 young children (3 boys and 1 girl). This family also homeschools. They are close to their family - specifically the Hawks. One son loves baseball.  ** will need to find out more info on this family.


Family with one child. Lost everything. They are long term Santa Rosa residents. They love baseball, and their son (age 13) is an avid lacrosse player. They have a dog and plan to live in their RV. 


Family with three children. They have lost their home. This family lived from paycheck to paycheck, but are a very happy family. They boys love video games and play baseball in the mark west league. Daughter loves American girl dolls and kitties and sticks close to her mom. Mother has a unique style of clothes and although she is not vain in the least, it saddens her to be missing her wardrobe. Dad works for Economy lock and key, and is in the process of taking over the business. They have an old lab dog. 

ANDRE Family

Family with 4 children. They lost their home. They are homeschooling their 4 kids. He works for Economy Lock & Key, and is currently in seminary school. She is a crafts person and she and her daughter (13) make homemade gifts for everyone. One of their son (11) is inquisitive and loves to work alongside people, asking questions about how things work. One of the children (9) is quiet and loves to dance or be creative in silence. One other son (7) is the affectionate one. All 4 kids are used to living with little - this is a minimalist family who savors time together and caring about other people. They all love to swim. They will live with her family in Sebastapol for now. 


*Because North Bay is in an emergency state, the profiles will keep being updated through the week as evacuees are identified.