The Table has been partnering with local churches and families affected by the North Bay Fires. As a church, we have adopted 3 families. There are two ways you can help us support and bring relief to families that are currently going through an immense loss.



The Table will distribute funds directly to families.


Donate directly to a family



A mother and her pre-teen daughters.  Dad recently passed away and they lost their home and everything in it in the fires.  They all need clothing and basic necessities. We were going to do a registry for them to get clothes and school supplies, but it was found too stressful to do so for right now. They had undergone too many trauma - not mentioned here. We decided it would be better for them to feel blessed by this and not stressed. As we talk to the family this week, we will let you know the development. We are thinking gift cards might be the best way to go.


$1,030 Raised

KEYS Family

Couple in ministry, they have 4 children (17y/o to 19mo). They will set up a registry. They will need items like a vacuum, broom, dust pan, rags, a bunch of stuff you don't even think about needing. Their 4 yr old has autism and is struggling without his normal items and things that he calms with. We set up 2 registries this morning. Some things seem strange, like a little bounce house... turns out it is one of the items their son can be motivated with. Special needs families. Registries are under "Sara Keys".

$1,180 Raised

ANDRE Family

Family with 4 children. They lost their home. They are homeschooling their 4 kids. He works for Economy Lock & Key, and is currently in seminary school. She is a crafts person and she and her daughter (13) make homemade gifts for everyone. One of their son (11) is inquisitive and loves to work alongside people, asking questions about how things work. One of the children (9) is quiet and loves to dance or be creative in silence. One other son (7) is the affectionate one. All 4 kids are used to living with little - this is a minimalist family who savors time together and caring about other people. They all love to swim. They will live with her family in Sebastapol for now. 


*Because North Bay is in an emergency state, the profiles will keep being updated through the week as evacuees are identified.