House SF has been partnering with local churches and families affected by the North Bay Fires. As a church, we have adopted 7 families. There are two ways you can help us support and bring relief to families that are currently going through an immense loss.



House SF will distribute funds directly to families.


Donate directly to a family



Family with 3 children. They lost their home. He works in Santa Clara, and has been commuting for almost a year, spending weekends with his family. He is very intelligent - a great provider for his family, and good with his hands. He was building his own plane in his garage and had hopes of becoming a pilot and flying his own plane one day. She is a singer. She recently completed an album and was getting gigs in the area to promote her music. It was her dream to do this full time. She is one of the worship leaders at the Bridge. Daughter (10) is in 5th grade and loves to swim and dance. She struggles a bit to make friends at school, and I imagine losing her home with add to her anxiety. Daughter (9) loves children and is a helper by nature. She too, struggles with anxiety, and was recently in a program to help her deal with this. Son (7?) is an easy going young boy who finds joy in everything. He loves airplanes like his daddy. They will be renting a home in Santa Rosa. 



Family with 3 girls. They lost their home. More information to come. He is an engineer who is quiet. He loves beer :) His outgoing wife is currently working 2 jobs - at a bank and as a phlebotomist at Sutter hospital. They are VERY community minded and are well known in Santa Rosa for volunteering in the soccer league, for Reibli school and anywhere else they can. All 3 daughters (10, 12 and 13) are soccer players. Their family loves to rescue ‘critters’ - they have huge hearts for others. They have been incredibly grateful for any help. They are staying in a home in Monte Rio until they rebuild. 


RUBIN Family

They are in surprisingly good spirits. They feel blessed by the outpouring of generosity from the church! She is more concerned about the emotional health of other’s dealing with their loss. They have found a townhouse in Cotati and were even given furniture for it :) The daughters are struggling emotionally as this was their family home since the 60’s. She is asking for prayer over her processing of emotions.


Lost everything in fire, they do have insurance and feel they are doing well at this time. They are financially frustrated, especially when it comes to buying all the things we use on a daily basis. He is grateful he still has his business to go to and feels their immediate needs are met, they have permanent housing that’s available for them to use until they rebuild. He will reach out to us if a need arises.


BURKE Family

Middle aged male, recently widowed after caring for his wife who passed from brain cancer. He is the “Dad” to many young people. His kids,  20’s at Biola University and a freshman in college grew up in his Coffey Park home and have nowhere to return to now. No memories left of their mom. The cul de sac is very tight, and they all lost their homes. He had a volkswagen bug he would drive in with the top down on nice days, and offered rides to young kids. A very generous man.



He has lost his home. He is firefighter who is battling fires. More details to confirm to come.


MAVES Family

Family with 3 young daughters. They have lost everything. They were able to leave with some belongings, but their entire neighborhood is burnt to the ground. 

*Because North Bay is in an emergency state, the profiles will keep being updated through the week as evacuees are identified.